Welcome to my personal website. On this site I hope to present some information that may be interesting for some.

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At this moment not much information is present yet. The first part of the site that will be developed is an overview of the published literature on the geochemistry of the stable isotopes of chlorine and bromine.  This is a small relatively specialised field of geochemical studies, at present applied in perhaps about ten laboratories in the world


Since 1984 a relatively limited number of studies on chlorine and bromine stable isotopes have been publised. Applications are both on organic and inorganic compounds. Although there is still some dispute on the average values of Cl isotope compositions of the major reservoirs on Earth, one of the biggest reservoirs has a more or less constant value of zero (the oceans), while another one (the evaporites) has only very little (up to 1 per mil) variation. For this reason most variations found in natural samples reflect processes that have taken place in this specific environment, and as such these isotopes are usable to study processes that take place within these reservoirs.

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This website also hosts a summary of my personal scientific papers and most of the conference abstracts and proceedings for which I was one of the coauthors.

List of my peer reviewed papers

List of conference abstracts and proceedings with me as co-author

I also produced an interesting Periodic Table of the Elements which shows in nice colours the periodicity of the Table. It is in a special form, not the long table that is mostly seen today, but the short Table as developed originally by Mendeleev, with the Lanthanides and Actinides positioned on the locations as suggested by Laing in 2005 [ Found Chem 7:203-233, DOI:10.1007/s10698-004-5959-9]

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